New Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 2019 review

The Aventador is destined to be the very last naturally-aspirated V12 car Lamborghini ever makes. Its replacement will still sport 12 cylinders, but will be boosted by a hybrid system. So you’d expect a dinosaur like the Aventador would quietly disappear into retirement – yet this £356,000 SVJ version would suggest otherwise, however. 

New Jaguar F-Pace SVR 2019 review

The £75,335 Jaguar F-Pace SVR has arrived almost one year later than expected, after Jaguar delayed the launch of the original version due to quality issues. But does that mean it already feels out of date, even though in April 2019 it is still, in theory, brand new? No, not one bit.

BMW 8 Series vs Lexus LC

Nothing quite makes a style statement like a big coupe. Even though SUVs have become more popular and offer an upmarket image, large two-door models such as this pair still turn heads easily.

New Mercedes EQC Edition 1886 unveiled at New York

Mercedes has unveiled a special edition version of its all-electric SUV at this year’s New York Motor Show. Called the EQC Edition 1886, it’s named to honour the Benz Patent Motorwagen, combining a range of interior and exterior upgrades with a customer-friendly service package and an extensive warranty.