New 2018 Model Year Audi TT RS

That TT model may be produced for many years now, therefore was a fairly non-orthodox racecar. Just visualize – front-wheel get (despite quattro process, most torque goes toward the front), transverse Engine setting, in front in the axle… the following perfectly works for any family four door, not to get a sports vehicle. Nevertheless, TT has grown to become an iconic vehicle in the brand, along with the current generation is not a exception. Debuted not too long ago, now it contains the modification i am waiting with regard to – that extreme 2018 Audi TT RS. Could it squeeze just about all juice in the car framework?

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2018 Audi TT RS Specs are Just Mad

This engine is all-new and will be put in many other sports versions of VAG corporation cars. The gearbox is Audi’s dual-clutch S-tronic with 7 speeds and paddle shifters – it gets one extra gear in comparison with TT and TT S models.

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Twin-turbo V6

The raw numbers around all-new 2.5 V6 engine with two turbochargers are following – 400 horsepower, 354 ft-lb of torque available just at 1700 rpm. 160 HP per liter is a monstrous number closer to bigger supercar engines, rather than compact V6. The engine is a real engineering masterpiece – aluminum cylinder block, low-friction crankshafts, oil pump made of lightweight but rigid magnesium – all these lead to 57 lbs weight decrease in comparison with the previous 5-cylinder unit. Therefore, weight distribution changed from 60/40 to 59/41.

This (and built-in launch control system) could lead to a fabulous 0-60 time of 2018 Audi TT RS – just 3.6 seconds!

For Better Handling

The suspension is unique as well – magnetic shock absorbers, stiffer springs, variable ratio steering. 19-inch wide tires (20-inch optional) with alloy rims and bigger ventilated front and rear brake discs. The AWD quattro system is returned to exactly follow the commands of the driver – torque distribution ratio fully depends on the mode you choose in settings.
All this helps to achieve better results on a racetrack. For those who participated on track days, Audi prepares special package called Dynamic plus. It includes ceramic front brakes, fixed shock absorbers, top speed increase, and other minor improvements.

2018 Audi TT RS Cockpit Interior

The interior is quite common for any RS-line Audi car – more Alcantara, carbon fiber, bucket seats and lots of RS badges everywhere. The driver seat is perfect, made by using Nappa leather, with lots of adjustments, features racing-like seatbelts. The steering wheel seems to look exactly like in flagship R8 V10.

The overall interior look is great – there is no disgraceful MMI screens popped up out of center console, fancy air vent design, perfect Audi virtual cockpit system which makes you concentrate only on what you need while driving. It’s one of the best interiors you could fit in a sports car – gorgeous looking but not overdesigned.

Don’t think it is ascetic – it is not! Despite being a driver-0riented track day car, TT RS 2018 have enough comfort features to provide: Above mentioned vitrual cockpit has built-in navigation, there are premium-level bang&oufsen sound system, integrated support for smartphone mirroring, both Android and iPhone.


Those familiar with standard TT won’t be amazed, the overall look of the car wasn’t changed much. You could see features made for RS, like carbon fiber detailing, bigger rims, sporty body kit with spoilers and diffusers. With all these stuff it looks fantastic – aggressive, ready for action. In my opinion, it is the most successful design of TT since its launch. TT RS has Audi design catches, but after all, looks much different, more like a small version of R8 supercar – pretty good bait for future customers.

2018 Audi TT RS Pricing and Availability

Don’t even take into consideration new serious TT to remain affordable – 2018 Audi TT RS charge is likely to cost virtually $65, 000 which has no options together with packages. For nearly the identical price you can get 718 Ohydrates Boxter and Cayman with Porsche, that’s not since fast, but mid-Engined plus more fun drive an automobile. For in the same price you can get C63 coupe with Mercedes-AMG, which can be a modern muscle mass car using stunning 469 H . P . V8 turbocharged Engine. Which means that, it is not really so unique with regard to power, but the only real choice concentrating on lightweight lightweight sportscar using all-wheel get.

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