2018 Foton Toplander A/T (First Drive)

Convenience, comfort, power: When buying a new car, there are only three of the many attributes the car’s civilians are constantly seeking. Next, there is a question of whether the price is correct, otherwise the buyer will look for another bargain instead.

Foton Toplander Review | 2017 - 2018 Best Cars Reviews

SUV and crossover have continued to lead the sale in the national market, the car manufacturer has been inventing the CHOC-filled car of equipment now, but it is necessary for the premium to drive away the buyer is too much there is no. Mid-size SUV segments, especially pickup platform vehicles (PPV) are by far the most fiercely (and hotly-contested) segments in the country.

Review On Foton Toplander | 2017 - 2018 Best Cars Reviews

Foton, which Japan and America ‘s brand dominated for a long time, is trying to change the current situation with Toplander. Foton has just released its manual gearbox for the first time in late 2015 and is trying to develop a mainstream market by offering an automatic version of 7 seater PPV. Especially in logistics and transportation solutions, we developed a reputation with light and heavy commercial vehicles, already have, Fukuda finally made a big leap, we decided to participate in big players in the SUV segment only try on was.

Foton Toano Reviews | 2017 - 2018 Best Cars Reviews

Most of you may say that there is already enough PPV on the market and there is a perfect variant for almost everyone. However, it is not the most affordable so far, as many top players have already undergone many upgrades. This means that there is a gap at the bottom of the PPV segment currently used by Foton.

In order to better understand Foton’s latest products, the company recently invited him to get on and off in order to learn what Toplander A / T can do.

It was a rainy morning when we built for the two day rides and drive events along the northern EDSA. Our destination, Central and Northern Luzon, especially Pampanga and Baguio. Despite the unfriendly weather, we soon saw the Toplander in the metal and forgot the sad rain.

Regarding exterior design, it is not the most eye-catching one, but it’s not bad at all. Thanks to its sturdy and sincere design, the Toplander looks really real and feels chest. It has some curves and rounded edges, but the overall appearance of the Toplander is tough, sturdy and nonsense.

Moving inside of it, the TopLander has a practical finish but it is nonetheless based on ergonomics. Those familiar with the manual version of Toplander are not bad as the cabin did not have to be redesigned to begin with the interior It turns out that this is similar. However, what made me new is an automatic gear selector that is frankly luxurious. Depending on the variant, Toplander comes with features such as leather goods, fabric sheets, touch screen infotainment.

Beneath the hood is a 2.8 liter Cummins ISF SOHC turbo diesel engine. It produces a healthy 161 PS with a torque of 360 Nm. As mentioned above, the 2018 Toprand can now be used in automatic transmissions. At first I thought it was 5 speed but it was a quick check, but I was surprised that there are six gears.

I volunteered to get behind the wheel of the first Toplander as I was pretty interested in the Cummins engine and Daimler source’s 6 speed auto. Certainly, the output figures seemed fairly average, but how powertrain pulled the pull was impressive. The fat torque curve of the engine and reliable smooth power transmission were at least amazing. Overtaking other cars along NLEX is thanks to the sufficient pulling force that is always available.

I did not disappoint the 6-speed automatic, passed through all the gear without any problem. It can be cruising easily at a moderate pace or quickly passing through Cog. In addition, the automatic transmission comes with several modes such as ecology, sports and winter. In order to enhance safety, Toplander automatically controls mountain climbing control and stability control.

On the other hand, some brakes may need to be fine-tuned. I can not be wrong, Toplander ‘s brakes are pretty strong, but I hoped for better modulation as it tends to paralyze with grabs. In addition, Toplander can do better noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) muffling. It may still be ute by heart, but if they are serious about going from toe to toe with big players, perhaps a quiet, more sophisticated cabin can be worn by Toplander.

It took about an hour, but we arrived at Floridablanca and visited the Aeta community of Nabuclod elementary school. With a tough local rural road and a bit of offroad in front of us, I was more than aspiring to check the form of the Toplander. Despite having a hydraulic power steering, the Toplander could make cornering fairly easily. It is not a choice of a mountain, but it has a properly weighed steering and a generous amount of road feel.

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