2018 Porsche 718 Cayman GTS (Spied)

2018 Porsche 718 Cayman GTS – Porsche pumps up the 718 Cayman with the GTS. It appears that Porsche is keen to give the 718 model line more muscle. Months ago, the 718 Boxster was spotted sporting the high-performance GTS treatment. Now, it’s the turn of its tin-top counterpart, the 718 Cayman. With that, the pumped up 718 Cayman gets a host of aero tweaks and, possibly, a horsepower figure near the 400 PS range.

Porsche 718 Cayman GTS 2018 1024 01

Identifying the GTS from standard 718 Cayman coupes is the unique front bumper treatment. Instead of its air intakes opening in three parts, the Cayman GTS gets one large piece with aerodynamic wing tips integrated within. At the same time, the front apron forms a molded chin, seamlessly flowing into the rest of the bumper. There are no more slats covering the corners of the said panel. Instead, the intake is wide open, showing off its intercooler.

As for its sides, the 718 Cayman GTS differs little from its lesser counterparts. The only cue here is the wider wheel and tire combination, making it possible that the GTS will come with a more aggressive set. The rear spoiler lip also has a lower angle but the pop-up wing appears to be deployed higher. However, the rear bumper seems to be carried over from the standard 718 Cayman but it may differ once the car is officially revealed.

While the exterior changes are relatively subtle, our spies report that the significant changes are under the skin. They say that the new exhaust system is louder than the other 718 Cayman variants with an engine note that sounds less like a four-cylinder. Our spies added that this particular test car comes with a unique suspension set-up, in line with Porsche’s philosophy of building more track-focused models.

Power is likely to come from the turbocharged 2.5-liter flat-four engine as seen in the Cayman S. However, do expect it to be significantly uprated as the Cayman S produces 349 PS and 420 Nm. Is it possible that the Cayman GTS might come close to the 400 PS mark? According to our spies, a 25 to 30 PS increase is realistic given how the standard Porsche 911 is past the said horsepower figure. Transmission choices on the other hand have yet to be determined. It may default to Porsche’s dual-clutch transmission but there may be a chance that a six, or seven, speed manual could be on offer.

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