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2018 Foton Toano Standard 15-seater

For the past couple of years, some manufacturers have been rolling out these long, high roof vans out in the market. You have Volkswagen's Crafter, Mercedes-Benz's Sprinter, and Hyundai's H350 to name a few. These vans hover near the three million peso mark but what if you want, or even need a van that offers that much space somewhere near the two million peso mark.

Euro 4 diesel, 4×2 automatics for 2018 Foton Thunder

Foton Philippines has officially expanded their lineup of automatic vehicles. Making its local debut is the 2018 Thunder 4x2 automatic. It gets a new automatic transmission along with a new Euro4-compliant Cummins turbo-diesel engine.

2018 Foton Toplander EX 4×2 A/T 2018 Foton Toplander - Even before I finished my test drive of the Foton Toplander (particularly this two-wheel drive automatic version), I can already imagine the negativity in the comments section.Let's just say there's a stigma attached to Chinese-badged cars and, in some ways, it's substantiated by some of the offerings of the mid-2000's. Despite all that, Foton hung around the market and here we are today. The Chinese automaker has been here for a while and has gained a reasonable amount of sales since they first started. So has Foton shed off the 'China Car' stigma with the Toplander?