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2018 Honda Odyssey EX-V Navi

For the last three years, chances are you've been seeing a lot of examples of the Honda Odyssey, particularly if you live in or drive past the Metro's many gated communities with any regularity. It's not difficult to see why the Odyssey is so popular: an MPV that brands itself as a luxury transport will sell well, especially since its a far more affordable option than a Php 3M+ Peso Alphard from Toyota.

2018 Honda CR-V – ASEAN NCAP

All-new Honda CR-V marks Honda’s first 5-star rating for new NCAP protocol. Following its recent debut on our shores, Honda has more to boast about the all-new CR-V after receiving their scores from ASEAN’s New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). Having been thoroughly tested of its features and rigidity, the new Honda CR-V gets a full 5-star safety rating from NCAP despite having more stringent Assessment Protocols since the start of 2017.

Driving the 2018 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell and PHEV

As a kid, watching that film gave me an awesome vision of a future just three decades after 1985. That we would be driving futuristic cars that levitate from the road and make our way onto highways in the skies, all while generating plenty of electricity on a few banana peels and a half-finished can of beer, Zemeckis painted us an image of a pretty awesome concept of the future.

2018 Honda S2000 Will Commemorate the Anniversary of Brand - There are tons of rumors fluctuating around Honda and its S2000 model – it used to be a real legend – nice looking roadster with the most powerful naturally-aspirated 2-liter engine, high rev masterpiece. Mainly because of its high popularity among car enthusiasts, the rumors about the soon release of S2000 successor flowing in the air for almost a decade. But only now it finally get into the form which is closer to reality. It all starts with S660 model, which is also one of Honda’s legendary cars, but from 1960s – actually, it is one of the first model of the brand. The newborn roadster stays for Japanese Domestic Market only.

2018 Honda Jazz VX Navi - Sometimes, it's the little things that can make or break a car. While most can appreciate cars that look good inside and out, an automobile that lacks certain standard features can spell disaster for automakers. Not only that, it has to be priced just right or else buyers will look for another bargain.

2018 Honda CR-V 1.6 S 2WD

That is the question my relatives (and perhaps many more) have been asking for about ten years now. Their prayers were answered when Honda Cars Philippines pulled the covers off the car back in August. While the idea of a diesel-powered CR-V is new here, it's actually been a thing in Europe since 2005. In fact, Honda has been in the diesel game since late 2003 with the Euro-spec Accord.

Toro Rosso unveils Honda-powered 2018 F1 season challenger

The 2018 Formula 1 World Championship is nearly upon us and Scuderia Toro Rosso is ready to take on the competition. Recently making its world debut is the Honda-powered SRT13. Finishied in the team's signature red, blue and silver color scheme, the all-new SRT13 is the team's first car produced featuring an exclusive engine partnership with Honda.