Dacia Duster- best crossovers and small SUVs | Best small SUVs and crossovers on sale 2019

It’s no secret SUVs are in fashion. Most car manufacturers have an SUV in their line-up and the rise of the high-riding body shape looks set to continue. 

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SUVs are associated with being expensive, but with the Dacia Duster that’s not the case. In fact, with prices starting from just £9,995 the Duster is one of the cheapest cars (let alone SUVs) you can buy.

• Dacia Duster review 

For a supermini price-tag you can have a family car with some serious off-road potential. There’s also nothing at the Duster’s price-point which will challenge its sheer spaciousness and practicality.

The reason Dacia are able to sell the Duster so cheap is because it’s based on a decade-old Renault chassis and the interior isn’t what you’d call lavish. But if you can look past these understandable foibles and the undesirable badge, the Duster is a well-rounded family SUV available at a bargain cost.

Top 10 best crossovers and small SUVs to buy now

          1. 1. Skoda Karoq
          2. 2. Peugeot 3008 
          3. 3. Citroen C3 Aircross
          4. 4. Range Rover Evoque
          5. 5. Dacia Duster
          6. 6. Volkswagen T-Cross
          7. 7. Toyota RAV4
          8. 8. Audi Q3
          9. 9. Lexus UX 
          10. 10. SEAT Arona

    source: AutoExpress Best Car Reviews (autoexpress.co.uk)

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